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“Family Literacy” Part 1

13th Feb 2018
Recently, I was asked to speak at a library on the subject of Family Literacy. The more I thought about it the more interesting I found the subject. There is so much to say on this topic. Fortunately, my talk was video-taped and we have up-loaded the session to Youtube. Unfortunately, my time was up… Read

WRAD 1st.Feb.2018

10th Feb 2018
WRAD 1st. Feb.2018. World Read Aloud Day is a day when authors all over the planet read from their works for audiences. The aim of the experience is to foster a love of reading in the children and give them a sense of the joys of being a writer. The three of us visited… Read

School Visits

10th Dec 2017
A School Visit – late October 2017 – 350 children Recently I had the opportunity to visit a school situated in North Vancouver. I was booked for four sessions with three classes attending each session. The librarian grouped the children by age so that I could tailor my talks to each learning level. I had… Read

“Pharaoh’s Tomb” Winners

13th Nov 2017
  CONGRATULATIONS to winners from Fox Creek & Lexington. Enjoy the second book in the series.   ENTER CURRENT GIVEAWAYS    

“Lady Knight” Winners!

12th Oct 2017
To me, this is a great way to mark the launch of Book 3, Lady Knight. We have a giveaway on Goodreads. And we have the winners. A copy of Lady Knight is on it’s way to Kiev in Ukraine. This is the first giveaway book we’ve sent to that country. I checked on Goodreads,… Read

Cassini has been vapourized.

20th Sep 2017
It hit the news last week that Cassini, the plucky little satellite which has been orbiting Saturn for many, many years, was going to be sacrificed. Running low on fuel it was decided to send Cassini into the atmosphere where it would burn up and totally vaporize. The order was given and Cassini duly took… Read

The Truth About Twinkie Pie by Kat Yeh

23rd Aug 2017
Gi Gi is a 12 year being brought up by her older sister. Their mother was killed in a trailer park fire, while Gi Gi was still a baby. They win a huge prize in a recipe contest and move from their trailer park to Long Island New York so that Gi Gi can attend… Read


20th Aug 2017
Goodreads has just chosen the winners from our latest book giveaways. We are always intrigued to see where our books will be traveling to. This time we have copies of A Rare Gift going off to Australia (ACT) and the United States (Delaware). Copies of Pharaoh’s Tomb are off to Great Britain (Birmingham) and the… Read

Eclipse & the Pinhole Camera

18th Aug 2017
At the moment, North Americans are very excited about the total eclipse of the sun which will occur on Monday August 21st. Eclipses always pose a danger as people try to see it. It takes a specially treated lens or telescope to be able to watch the eclipse by looking at the sun. There is… Read


29th Jul 2017
Last Saturday I joined a critique group for a meeting. It was my second time. It’s summer here in Canada so we met in Trout Lake Park. But Vancouver, being Vancouver, it rained lightly. So we sat under a willow tree. Writing can be a very lonely activity. You plot in your head and hope… Read

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