Pillage – Trilogy

14th Jun 2019
Recently I read a very refreshing trilogy written by Obert Skye. The three books are Pillage, Choke and Ambush. They deal with a young boy, Beck Phillips, who is cursed with dragons. Yes cursed. And that’s where the refreshing part comes in.These books developed a set of dragons totally different from any I had ever… Read

The Shepherd’s Crown

31st Dec 2018
Terry Pratchett’s DiscWorld series is justly famous, loved by fans all over the world. He wrote a series of 5 books for young readers within the DiscWorld environment. These books follow the coming of age of Tiffany Aching. She grows from a young girl missing her granny as she makes cheeses, into a fully-fledged witch,… Read

Elephant Secret

10th Nov 2018
This is the 100th book that Walters has published. It shows. What an accomplished writer. This story pulled at my heart strings. The characters are interesting, varied and fully rounded. A girl and her father run an elephant sanctuary, somewhere in the United States. You meet the elephant herd. You get to know the elephant… Read

“Saving Wonder”

20th Oct 2018
I have just finished reading Saving Wonder by Mary Knight. I was attracted to the book by its title and the cover. I am so glad I picked it up. What a story. It’s pretty gentle but tells a very moving tale of the relationships and bonds which form between people. It also points up… Read

The Oceans Between Stars

8th Aug 2018
Whew. This book picks up exactly where the first one left off. It’s an exciting ride with many twists and turns along the way. I’ve almost lost count of the number of alien species in the mix, but in this book we find that some are much closer than we think. The children plunge into… Read

Last Day on Mars

21st Jul 2018
This book is sci-fi at it’s best. Thrilling story, mysterious aliens – some benign some a threat. Non stop danger and the capacity of the protagonists to work out their own problems and keep on going towards their goal despite all obstacles, kept my attention. What’s not to love. And the interesting science aspects of… Read

Short Listed 2018-19

30th Jun 2018
Lady Knight, Bk. 3 in the “Crystal Journal Series” for young readers (8 to 80), has been shortlisted in the 2018-19 “Chocolate Lily Book Award” Vancouver, B.C. Canada.  

Tracker’s Canyon by Pam Withers

24th Jun 2018
The suspense in this book had me turning the pages to the very end. With a hero I could really root for and a story-line with twists and turns making it difficult to spot the villian (or villians), this story had me on the edge the whole way through. With great characters, an absorbing premise… Read

The Goat by Anne Fleming

7th May 2018
The premise of this book is so improbable that you just have to delve into and see how this can possibly be. There’s a goat living on the roof of an eleven story building close to Central Park in New York City. The wonderful tenants who occupy the building and the effect on their lives… Read

Bayou Magic

4th May 2018
This book tells the story of Maddy. She is apprehensive about her first summer visit with her Grandmother who lives in the Bayou of Louisiana. Her older sisters tease Maddy that Grandmother is a witch, but when Maddy arrives she is immediately taken with the atmosphere and the beauty of her surroundings. Whereas she feels… Read

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